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What does notarization mean?

Notarization means the document has been authenticated. A Notary Public is authorized to administer oaths, certify documents and attest to the validity and authentication of a signature. Your signature on the document means that you signed it willingly. We notarize various documents including:

  • Statutory Declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Travel Consents/Declarations for Minor Children
  • Certified True Copies
  • Authentication of international documents
  • Letters of Invitation (sponsorship letters)
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Probate documentation


Please note that you must personally appear before us and sign the document in our presence.

Please ensure that you bring two pieces of identification to our office. One being a valid government-issued photo identification (i.e. Driver’s Licence, Passport or B.C. ID) and the other can be a BC CareCard (Services Card), major credit card or Social Insurance Card.


Our office does not witness Separation Agreements, Custody Agreements, Self-Made Wills, Self-Made Powers of Attorney, Child Support or Spousal Support Affidavits.



What is a Certified True Copy?

A Certified True Copy is a photocopy of the original document that we examine and compare to the original. We then examine and certify that the photocopy is unaltered and is a true copy of the original. If extensive photocopying is required, there will be an additional charge for this service.

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